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Maureen recounts her experiences as a student attending UTSC (then known as Scarborough College) in its first full operating year in 1966, and later as an alumna volunteer for the UofT Alumni Association, UofT Senior Alumni Association, and Music Committee at Hart House. She remarks on how small the student community and the classes were then and some of the problems that they faced in the new buldings. Despite being award winning architecture there was no heat in the stairwells in the Humanities and Science wings. You could see your hand print in the frost on the inside walls. Maureen shares some memorable moments as a student at UTSC and mentions the professors that had a positive impact on her. She discusses the extra efforts to engage students in learning, including organizing movie showings and political guest speakers such as former Premier of Quebec, René Lévesque, and former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Finally, Maureen describes how her experience at UTSC has shaped her and how the University of Toronto continues to be part of her life.
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